Welcome to Blacklock Longboards. This winter we’ve been busy building some amazing new decks. It took a little longer than we thought but they are here and it was worth the wait. Check out our classic plaid and pinstriped decks and see our new models: tapered decks, plug decks and a rustic style full of knots and beautiful “imperfections”. You’ve never seen decks like these before!

Blacklock Longboards is a small independent Longboard company based out of Southern Ontario. Each deck is handcrafted from solid wood cut from the family farm and sourced locally. The decks are uniquely silk-screened and no two are alike!

Do the decks have any Flex? No. I do not build any flex into the decks. Blacklock decks are laminated opposite of typical plywood decks and are solid wood. As a result our boards have their own feel.

Do I need to put grip tape on the deck? No. Grip tape is not necessary. I encourage you to ride without grip and see how it feels. I ride barefoot, with flip flops or my shoes and have never felt uneasy. The deck surface is like a gymnasium floor and provides excellent traction. Just be careful if it is wet outside.

How do I order a board? You can go to the contact page of the website and send me an email or even call.

Can I pick out a deck in person? Yes. Many people come directly to my farm to choose a deck and tour the wood shop. I even go for a cruise with many people once I get their new deck set up.

How do I pay for a board? You can mail a cheque, make an online money transfer or pay in person.

Do you ship decks? Yes. Shipping is usually $20.

What hardware comes with a complete board? Randle 150 trucks, Mini-Logo bearings, Sans Clemente or Sector 9 Wheels in various colours. For a complete deck the cost is $100 in addition to the cost of the deck.

My trucks don’t quite fit? Different manufacturers of trucks have slight variations in their hole spacing. The solution is to find the hole (or two holes) that are causing the problem and re-drill them slightly larger. Use a 7/32 drill bit and pass it through the existing hole.